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Auditions for ‘Confluence’ an original play at the New American Arts Festival

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Safety Standards: Our company uses the Community Standards for Theatre for Colorado

Roshni announces auditions for the play Confluence by Ryan Makepeace and Deepali

Confluence is a theatrical production offering at the New American Arts Festival 2024 

with a premier of an original performance recording by Yo-Yo Ma

Confluence is a show about water and how it connects all of us – from the origins of life forms on Earth to the crisis of Human Migration and Movement. 

We are all made of water. We are all connected by water. There are millions of human beings in migration at this very moment from what they once called home – who they were – to where they will eventually call home – to who they will become. 

The play follows an 8-year-old boy named DJ who is both a teacher to those he encounters and the embodiment of the innocent and naive child encountering the world as it is and learning of it. Dj’s story runs parallel with that of Gryph, a man who is wandering the realm of consciousness – as he converses with a mysterious voice and is guided on a journey along the Colorado River, into Urban spaces and beyond discovering the ecosystem that supports the entire Southwest. 

During these travels, he encounters profound individual and collective experiences through the lens of human history written on the walls of ancient mesozoic sandstone. 

Concurrently – scene-by-scene – DJ’s reality and the inner workings of Gryph’s wanderings occur side-by-side until both these worlds collide at the Colorado River. 

Confluence is essentially a story of Human Movement. Of coming together to flow like the river. To understand the importance of water and how it connects all of us. 
To become the water that we are.  

AUDITION DATE : Saturday, June 1 from 1 – 5 pm  

ADDITIONAL AUDITION/CALLBACKS : Saturday June 8 from 2 – 5 pm

LOCATION : House of Friendship, 9641 E 16th Ave Aurora, 80010

PREPARE : Cold readings will be provided from the script. 

REHEARSAL : Rehearsals will begin mid-July 2024 (The schedule will be created based on actor availability but please anticipate 3 times a week for 4 hours)

PERFORMANCES : Thurs, 9/19, Fri, 9/20 & Sat, 9/21 at 7 pm, Sun 9/22 at 2 pm

PERFORMANCE VENUE: Aurora/Denver metro TBD

COMPENSATION: Actors will receive a fee of $75/show. A one-time travel stipend of $100 will be paid if the actor commutes from outside of the Denver metro. 


No AEA contracts are available for this show.

Mother River (35-45): Mother of DJ. She is the embodiment of the River. Graceful and Wise. Keeper of Gaia’s secrets and magical powers. A River Keeper

Gryph (Male 20-30) : Principal character. Pragmatically Oriented a priori. In the process of becoming. Imperfect. His Consciousness and Heart expands as he evolves throughout the story. The Wanderer is one single character and all the characters at the same time. 

Wyatt (Male 30-45) : A physically strong and capable wise sage of the river who also has a pension for the bottle and wild psychedelic experiences and a sometimes crude sense of humor. 

Nechole (Female 25-45) : A wild river rat and friend of Wyatts with stories of survival on Grand rapids, a pension for death-defying adventures, and whiskey. 

Neri (Male 30-50): A Honduran man with a vast array of skills with his hands such as precision carpentry with a machete. He is the embodiment of humanity on the move. Of Human migration. Of change.  

Chester the Jester (Male 25-45) : Trickster Energy. The sacred clown. He uses Hip Hop and music to convey his teachings. 

Ensemble (4) : Dancers and diverse background characters.

ROSHNI is a community-based Arts organization that harnesses the Transformative power of the Arts to Heal and Inspire the under-represented Cultural groups of Refugees and Immigrants, people of Color, people with disabilities and mental health issues,  LGBTQ+ and the seniors.

Throughout the year, our eight programs provide opportunities for children and youth to express themselves, for women from diverse backgrounds to find their voices and make connections in the community. We promote Personal growth, Inclusion and Empathy by bringing together diverse groups of people. 

We strive to create meaningful and insightful works to create a deeper understanding of our diverse Cultural Heritage, Evoke pride, and cultivate a sense of belonging in the diverse and beautiful tapestry of this nation of immigrants.

To apply for this job email your details to info@roshniislight.org

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