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Safety Standards: Our company uses the Community Standards for Theatre for Colorado

Miners Alley Theatre for Young Audiences (MATYA) is excited to announce auditions for: 
The Little Mermaid – a play with music
Written By Rory Pierce
Directed by Rory Pierce
The Little Mermaid runs August 3-September 14, 2024. 

Performances will be daytime, mainly on Saturdays at 1:00 (September 7 & 14 at 11:00 & 1:00), with several weekday performances for schools and camps TBD.
Daytime Rehearsals for The Little Mermaid will be scheduled between July 15 and August 3, 2024.
Auditions will be self-submitted recordings.
Deadline for submission is Thursday, June 13, 2024.
 Call backs will be by invitation only, based on submissions received, on Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th, 5pm to 9pm, as needed.
Actors should include in their audition recording a prepared monologue 1-2 minutes long and a short song to be sung (a cappella or with accompaniment).
Actors are not required to play an instrument.
Actors scheduled for callbacks will be provided sides and songs from the script.
Miners Alley Performing Arts Center
1100 Miners Alley (at our new location)
 Golden, CO 80401
(Entrance to parking lot is on 12th St and parking is free after 5pm)

Features shows that rely on audience participation and scripts written to appeal to ages 3 and up. The shows are performed by adult actors and show lengths run just under 1 hr. Actors will be expected to interact with the kids in the lobby before the show and say good-bye to the kids after the show as the audience leaves. There is a lot of audience interaction during the show:  speaking with the audience and getting them to answer back, and even bringing kids on stage to help with the story.

Miners Alley is auditioning for All Roles
Miners Alley Playhouse is an Equity SPT 1 professional theater and abides by all Equity rules and regulations.
For THE LITTLE MERMAID all roles are non-union and are
paid $675 for rehearsal and currently scheduled shows, plus $75
for each additional show added to the schedule.
Equity and Miners Alley Playhouse encourages performers of all ethnicities & gender identities to submit for all roles.


THE LITTLE MERMAID – (any ethnicity, female identifying, age range 18-30) – The youngest daughter of the Sea King who is finally old enough to visit the world above the sea. She falls in love with a Prince from the world above the sea after saving his life. She states she is 18 in the story, but the actress doesn’t have to be that young.

ANGEL – (any ethnicity, male/female/non-binary identifying, age range 18-65) – The Little Mermaid’s best friend. Angel is a puppet fish who doesn’t have any lines, but speaks in “Tinkerbell-type” bells. Angel follows the Little Mermaid everywhere and interacts with everyone under the sea. Familiarity with puppetry a plus, dance background also a plus, but neither are necessary to play the role.

GRANDMOTHER / SEA WITCH – (any ethnicity, female identifying, age range 35-65) – The Little Mermaid’s Grandmother who looks out for her and offers advice, whether asked for or not. Also plays the Sea Witch, who takes the Little Mermaid’s voice in exchange for giving her legs. The actor gets to play a nice dichotomy of very nice (Grandmother) and very evil (Sea Witch).

THE PRINCE – (any ethnicity, male identifying, age range 18-35) – A young prince who falls overboard and is saved by the Little Mermaid, but he never gets to see her. He pines for her and spends the rest of the play looking for her and finally figures out who she is in the end.

THE CAPTAIN – (any ethnicity, male/female/non-binary identifying, age range 25-65) – The gruff, yet kindly Captain of the ship bringing the prince home. Does what they can to keep the Prince safe and keep the First Mate in line.

THE FIRST MATE – (any ethnicity, male/female/non-binary identifying, age range 25-65) — The affable companion to the Captain who does what they can to keep the Prince entertained and safe on their journey back home and while he searches for the girl who saved him. Physical comedy a plus as there is a lot of physical humor and pratfalls.

To apply for this job email your details to auditions@minersalley.com

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