The Denver Actors Fund Offers Affordable Mental Health Care in Collaboration with Maria Droste Counseling Center

Trauma, anger, isolation, inadequacy, sleeplessness, financial anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a perfect storm of mental health challenges that are impacting Americans from every walk of life — and the performing arts community is no different. It’s not just nice to have someone to talk to right now, it’s essential.

The Denver Actors Fund announced on July 31st, 2020 a major new collaboration with the Maria Droste Counseling Center of Colorado to provide affordable, professional health care to any qualifying local artist who needs it. It’s a pilot program that is being called CATS (not the musical!). That’s short for “Co-pay Assistance for Therapy Service”). Maria Droste is a cohort of more than 60 independent therapists from a wide range of disciplines who provide access to mental health care for the under-served with a goal of removing affordability as a barrier to mental health care.

The Denver Actors Fund will refer any qualifying artist for an initial screening and a pairing with an appropriate mental health professional. Once it is determined what the artist can comfortably afford, the Denver Actors Fund will cover the rest.

(You can apply to the Denver Actors Fund via the link above)

The Denver Actors Fund website

Posted 7-31-2020