The Colorado Theatre Guild’s Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter

The Colorado Theatre Guild is unequivocally outraged that state-sanctioned violence, oppression, and trauma against Black people is ongoing and has not stopped. This cannot continue. The murders of De’Von Bailey, Elijah McClain, Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Rayshard Brooks, David McAtee, and countless others are the result of deeply systemic racist beliefs and actions in this country.

CTG Board Members Read the Statement

State-sanctioned and targeted violent acts against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) LGBTQIA+, and other actively oppressed members of our community here in Colorado and everywhere in the United States, must stop. We at the Colorado Theatre Guild will do our part to dismantle systemic racism and oppression that has happened, and continues to happen, in the theatre industry through our work as an arts service organization.

We believe exceptional theatre fosters a message of inclusion. Now during this time of remarkable trauma, we must hold a mirror up to our audiences, as well as ourselves, in hopes that we might better understand each other and empathize with our common humanity. Human life is at stake, and we can no longer sit idly by and ignore the suffering of our fellow people.

As board members of the Colorado Theatre Guild, we will hold ourselves and each other accountable. Clearly the CTG has work to do in realizing our own biases and eliminating any type of privilege, racist trauma or inequities. Our work can start with revising our mission statement, making changes to all of our programming (including the Henry judging process), and changing how we conduct outreach to our membership. We will work on community accountability by sharing anti-racist practices with Colorado theatre communities and to help those silenced in our community. We know of your suffering, we stand with you, and we will no longer be complacent.

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