Puerto Rican Nocturne – Now Available for Online Viewing

Theatre D’Art presents Puerto Rican Nocturne online starting May 1st, 2020. Their original live production was cancelled due to Covid-19, but they have it available now on YouTube. The play is free to watch, but they are (hoping for!) requesting donations.

The show has been posted on YouTube in the hopes of getting the production viewed by the public as well as collecting donations to recover expenses. The donations also serve to fulfill their ability to donate to the church where they produced the play. To donate visit their website or click on the small donate button on the video.

To view Puerto Rican NocturneCLICK HERE

Puerto Rico, 1978: a group of police officers, led by undercover detective Alejandro Gonzalez-Malave, aka Gonzo, ambush and murder two political activists at a radio tower on Cerro Marvilla. In the ensuing cover-up, they claim that their victims were terrorists, and that killing them was an act of patriotism. The show questions the way power dynamics and systemic injustice harms not only the poor and marginalized, but also the very people who adhere to the status quo.

Puerto Rican Nocturne
by Jonathan Marcantoni
Presented by Theatre D’Art
Directed by A.B. Lugo

Adria – Cheerish Evans
Captain Morales – Angel Mendez Soto
Det. Oliveras – Manny B. Gomez
Eusebio – Jiri Yariel
Maricarmen – Kendra Dae Shock
Pedro – Gabriel Swafford
Teresa – Claudia De La Cruz

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Posted 5-1-2020