Lisa Rigsby Peterson – Executive Director at Lone Tree Arts Center Announces She is Stepping Aside, Opening the Door for New Leadership

Letter from Lisa Rigsby Peterson – January 28th, 2021

Eleven years ago, I joined the City of Lone Tree to help create a new cultural amenity for the city. Since our doors opened in August of 2011, I dedicated my passion and expertise to creating and implementing a vision of an exceptional arts center whose national reputation for innovation and excellence brought pride to all who helped realize it. How fortunate I was that I had an equally passionate and dedicated City Council and City leadership to help make that vision possible.

Over ten years of diverse, inclusive and remarkable programming, working side by side with the most exceptional team one could hope for, I have seen that vision realized a hundredfold. The award-winning Lone Tree Arts Center has welcomed hundreds of thousands of patrons, brought hundreds of national and international artists to our stages, created a regional movement towards inclusion for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, allowed those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers to engage in artistic expression far beyond when they thought possible, and, most recently, weathered devastating existential challenges during the COVID pandemic.

As I approach the eleventh anniversary of my joining the City of Lone Tree, it is now time to step aside and allow someone new to build even further upon the work of the past decade. I have always said that when someone leaves an organization, the next person who comes in will be even more outstanding, having the opportunity to build upon the foundation that was laid for them. That opportunity will begin on February 12th, my final day with the City of Lone Tree.

The work that our LTAC team has accomplished over the past eleven years would not have been possible without your extraordinary support. Whether you have purchased tickets to our shows, watched your children grow through our numerous family programs, engaged in our programs so that you could keep the arts as part of your life as long as possible, whether you have brought friends and neighbors to share in the joy we make here, whether you have generously supported us with your charitable contributions, you are a part of our success story.  And while the Arts Center is just a building, it’s the heart and spirit of those who work and come inside and alongside it, and the art that we have shared together, that make the Arts Center what it has become – a true heartbeat of the City.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement you have given me over the past eleven years. I know that you will welcome a new Executive Director with open arms and the same sense of appreciation and expectation.

With deep gratitude,
Lisa Rigsby Peterson, Executive Director