Directors & Playwrights Lab

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Visionbox Studio, now entering our 13th season, is accepting applications for a Playwrights and Directors Lab to begin September 5th, 2023 and continuing throughout Season 13 on Tuesdays from 6-9 pm. Tuition is $500 for the 10-week Lab.

The purpose of this new lab is to help emerging playwrights develop new material in a class setting with directors. Early classes will focus on The 5 Questions, a technique for text analysis, and acting and directing taught by Earle Gister at the Yale School of Drama from 1980 to 1999. In early workshops, writers and directors will read a play selected by the group in its entirety, and then do table work to explore detailed analysis to help move writers and directors away from generalized emotional content into the specifics of character, given circumstances, objectives, actions, and perhaps most importantly the understanding of the spine of a play. After this early work, playwrights will be asked to bring in new material in development to read aloud with directors in the room in order to develop that material for potential workshop productions. While Denver has a thriving and growing theatre arts community, and many high-level professional companies, there is almost no graduate-level training in the state, and there are very few resources for emerging playwrights and directors to learn and practice craft.

Visionbox Studio is committed to the development of new works that focus on the social and human issues of our time, and we will produce at least one of the plays developed in class.

Playwrights submit written materials to with picture and resume. Directors submit a picture, and a directing resume. All artists interested in this class will interview with Jennifer McCray Rincon, Founding Artistic Director, and other staff. Ms. Rincon is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale School of Drama Directing program, and was Head of Acting at the National Theatre Conservatory for almost 20 years. She has extensive experience directing new works, and working with new playwrights including the early work of Richard Greenberg, Paul Selig, Brighde Mullins, and Bernardo Solano.