House Manager at The Arts HUB


If you want to work for a theater that emphasizes community, inclusion, and fun, this is the job for you! The Arts HUB in Lafayette is hiring a House Manager to work flexible shifts for our 2023/2024 season. There are over 20+ productions this season, and you can choose what you would like to work on!

Our House Managers make $20/hour.

The House Manager is responsible for “the house,” ie. everything on The Arts HUB property,
inside and outside, with the exception of the stage and backstage areas occupied by
performers, during performances and other events held on The Arts HUB property. The
House Manager is in charge of:

1. Representing first and foremost the interests and professional image of The Arts
2. Ensuring the safety of all persons on The Arts HUB property during events, ie.
event participants and guests.
3. Maintaining the integrity of The Arts HUB facility and property during events.
4. Ensuring all spaces on The Arts HUB property remain accessible and accommodating to
people with disabilities.
5. Monitoring building systems including, but not limited to, HVAC, lighting, plumbing,
and WiFi to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation.
6. Enforcing any and all building policies.
7. Liaising with event managers and/or stage managers to ensure the event begins on
time and proceeds smoothly.
8. Managing and reconciling box office assets on the day of the event.
9. Managing and inventorying concessions assets.
10. Supervising and supporting volunteers working the event.
11. Keeping all spaces clean, tidy, and presentable.
12. Delivering excellent customer service by swiftly and efficiently addressing guest
inquiries and concerns.
13. While the House Manager may, under certain circumstances, assist event managers
with their events, he/she cannot be treated as event managers, ie. he/she may not be
given any role in the event and he/she may not have sole responsibility for any element
of the event.