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Northglenn Arts is the cultural services division of the City of Northglenn, which strives to provide affordable access to the arts in north Denver by presenting quality live productions through Northglenn Arts Presents and Northglenn Youth Theatre, offering outdoor summer concerts and movies, drama classes for youth through NYT Academy, art & dance classes, public art through Northglenn Art’s Art on Parade and other commissions, and special events throughout the year.

Northglenn Youth Theatre Stage Manager – Role & Responsibilities

The Stage Manager acts as a communication hub for the production and a bridge between the actors, parents and NYT staff.  It is imperative that the SM be intuitive to the needs of the production and willing to facilitate the dissemination of information to minimize confusion and maximize the potential success of the production.

Production meetings:

  •  Meetings are arranged by the Production Manager or Theatre Coordinator.  The goal is to have at least 3 major production meetings that include all the staff, with additional meetings as needed with specific creative team members (for example: a designers’ only meeting).
  • Attend all pre-production meetings.
  • Prepare any specific questions for staff as appropriate directly related to the needs of the Stage Manager’s duties.

Auditions & Call-backs:

  • Auditions:
    • Make sure that the space(s) are set-up for the auditions, based on Director’s instructions
    • Facilitate auditions: provide instructions for auditionees, make sure auditionees are present with appropriate materials, lead current auditionee into the space, release auditionees when complete
  • Call-backs:
    • Make sure that the space(s) are set-up for call-backs, based on Director’s instructions
    • Make sure all needed materials are arranged beforehand and present for callbacks s(boom box, piano/keyboard, etc.)
    • Facilitate call-backs: provide instructions for auditionees, make sure auditionees are present with appropriate materials, lead current auditionee into the space, release auditionees when complete.
    • Record information, as needed, based on Director’s instructions
    • Attend the casting meeting following the callbacks


  • Maintain updated contact information for the production (cast, parents, crew).
  • Make sure rehearsal space(s) are prepared for all rehearsals and ready at least 15 minutes prior to each rehearsal, based on Director’s instructions:
    • Piano/Keyboard/Boom Box ready to play
    • Tables/chairs available, if needed
    • Director’s cart/table, as needed
    • Signs in lobby directing people to each room and indicating who is called/where/when, etc. as appropriate
  • Make sure all materials are ready for rehearsal, based on Director’s instructions:
    • Copies of music, newsletters, etc. ready to distribute.
  • Take role within the first 10 minutes of rehearsal’s scheduled start time
  • Maintain careful records of attendance
  • During each rehearsal, fill out the rehearsal reports and check with Director at end of each rehearsal to make sure report accurate.
  • At the end of each rehearsal, share each rehearsal report via email with NYT staff, Director, creative team and production team.
  • During rehearsal, record blocking and maintain the “prompt book”
  • After rehearsal, clean up rehearsal spaces and make sure doors are locked.
  • Work with Props Master to identify props as they arrive for rehearsals and performance use.
  • Maintain props management.
  • The SM may provide their own stage manager’s kit or may use the house kit.

Managing Run Crew:

  • Work closely with the Technical Director(s) on recruiting and managing run crew.  Divide up roles/responsibilities based on the needs of the production.
  • Assist TD on load-in and training for tech and run crew.
  • Record cues during dry tech.
  • Work with the run crew during tech and performances.
  • Arrange with TD who will be calling cues during performances and who will be primary backstage contact during performances.
    • Fulfill those duties as determined

Assist with Volunteer Coordination:

  • SM will work with the production team to establish volunteer needs.
  • SM will work with theater staff to coordinate and manage the communication for volunteers, as well as assist in the tracking of hours and duties.


  • Prepare and post check-in lists for both cast and crew.
  • Come in 30 min. prior to call time for performances to prepare for cast/crew arrivals.
  • For each performance, work with staff to complete a Performance Report and share via email with NYT staff, Director, creative team and production team.
  • Maintain props management during performances and monitor any props volunteers, keeping the props manager informed of any major problems.


  • Stage Manager will assist TD in the strike and clean-up of the production immediately following the closing performance.
  • Stage Manager will make sure that any keys or materials provided by NYT are returned to NYT staff or put away, at the instruction of NYT staff.

All jobs are contracted and on a per-show basis.

The compensation for this position will be a stipend $1,500-2,000 depending on size of cast, scope of production, length of rehearsal process, age of the cast, and more.

Contractors will receive a show shirt and comps to each production they work on.

Interested applicants should send an email to the Theatre Production Manager – Patrick Berger – with a resume, cover letter and portfolio at

To apply for this job email your details to