Auditions for “Tiny Vessels,” Staged Reading

  • Auditions - Comedy & Drama
  • Boulder, CO
  • Job listing expires on: May 21, 2023

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Audition for a Staged-Read of “Tiny Vessels,” a new screenplay by Saraphina Redalieu! Actors will perform this script at eTown Hall in Boulder, June 25th, at 7pm. The reading will be accompanied with visual imagery, sound effects, and music for an exciting combination of theatre and film. Join us for the opportunity to workshop a valuable new work about addiction, family, and hope. Acting roles will be volunteer.

*This script is recommended for audiences age 16 and above. It includes some adult language, as well as references to substance abuse and suicide.

Summary: After finding a strange message from her deceased brother, a young doctor returns to her island hometown determined to solve her family’s final mystery. An exciting treasure hunt leads her to reckon with her past, recover from addiction, and repair the powerful bonds of family.

Setting: San Juan Island, Washington. Present day.

Main Characters:

Cordelia (late 20’s): An extremely intelligent young doctor. Performs exceptionally in her career and academically. Struggles with substance abuse. Lost her brother to an overdose three years prior and hasn’t been back in her hometown since before his death.

Hammer (late 20’s): Cordelia’s cousin. Affable and sweet. Never left his hometown or went to college. Took care of Margaret and James after Cordelia left town.

Margaret (60’s): Cordelia’s mother, Hammer’s aunt. A recovering alcoholic, starting a greenhouse.

Liam (late 20’s): Cordelia’s ex. Sarcastic and very kind. A commercial fisherman.

Supporting Characters: One actor can read for multiple characters.

Officer Gleason (late 20’s): A small-town cop.

Dizzy (early 20’s): A weird pothead. Sweet kid.

Christian (30’s): Liam’s current flame.

Jack Larson (50’s): Cordelia’s P.O.

Small Parts: One actor will read all lines.

Flight Attendant, Bartender, AA Member, Aaron (party attendee), Dr. Im, Judge Gutema, AA Group Leader

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