Auditions for a Brand New Episodic Audio Series – Welcome to Hope Springs!

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  • Job listing expires on: June 9, 2023

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What standards are you using?: As a non-profit, our company has its own handbook with policies and procedures for safety

Augustine Institute Studios is Seeking middle school kid performers (ages 11-14) and adult actors to voice characters in a brand new, episodic audio comedy/drama series!

PREMISE: The opening of a renovated train depot in the heart of the town of Hope Springs, Colorado brings together a group of kids and situations that allows for the exploration of everyday and extraordinary stories, filtered through the essentials of the Catholic faith, with an emphasis on choices and consequences, relationships, and the spiritual journey every person is taking (whether they know it or not). This fun and imaginative story is created for kids but great for the whole family!



*A note about the kids: Think groups of feel-good, tight-knit kids from movies or tv shows like the sandlot, the little rascals, or stranger things. This group of kids has known each other since they were in kindergarten. They are close and know each other very well. There’s a small-town familiarity and a genuine love here between them.

JAKE WEST (11) – Male, a “typical” kid this age, alternating between precocious, naive, and both mature and immature. Leader of the group.

ROONEY SMITH (11) – Female, good friends with Jake, a lot of initiative (she’s started her own podcast), wants to be a world-class newscaster someday. Representative of your average kid. Amiable, friendly, ambitious.

BRACE NELSON (11) – Male, somewhat of a mystery, Brace is low-key, intelligent, and thoughtful – with a wry humor that comes from being a latch-key kid whose parents are not highly engaged in his life. The new kid in the group. Laid-back.

DANTE HALL (11) – Male, Hispanic. More thoughtful and spiritually minded than even he realizes. Quick-witted and banters a lot with the other kids.

WOODWARD WOODWARD (11) – Male, “the kid with the most boring name in the world” has a geeky intelligence and a naiveté that allows others to playfully tease him. Feisty, but runt of the litter. Scrappy and smaller than the others.

DAKOTA “DAX” THORPE (11) – Female, Native-American background but her parents never made a big deal out of it. She has an edgy arrogance that comes out from time to time. Like Rooney, she’s interested in doing podcasts, but mostly to be an online “influencer” with things like hairstyles, makeup, etc. Has attitude.

ANDREW PERRY (14) – Male, Andrew is known from The Adventures of Nick & Sam (as their older brother) and our time-traveler in The Virtue Chronicles. His time-travel adventures are a closely-guarded secret and not seen in this context (yet), but that doesn’t keep his love of history and occasional weird events from happening around him. Smart, resourceful, adventurous. He takes on the role of a big brother/mentor towards Brace.

ZACH AUBACH (11) – Male, relentless mischief-maker, always looking for a laugh at anyone’s expense. Goofball. Egotistical. Thinks he’s bigger and tougher than he is. The reckless kid who would get on a bike and ride it down a steep hill or on a banister.

TROY CURTIS (11)– Male, Zach’s friend who is often complicit in – and even instigator of – various kinds of mischief. Wily. Sharper side of the duo.


*A note about the adults: the adults have close-knit relationships too. The adults know each other well and are also invested in the lives of each other’s kids. They really care for this town and the people in it.

CLARK PERRY – Male, also part of the Perry Family (found in the Hope Springs novels), Clark is a well-known entrepreneur who has renovated the old train depot. A good uncle, but a go getter. The uncle you love to hang out with. Believes everything he’s doing is genuinely for the good of the town. Does things that bring in benevolence and charity.

DEACON CHUCK CROSBY (60 +) – Male, manager of the Old Depot, since Clark Perry has made it a non-profit that ties into St. Clare’s Catholic Church. Would definitely dress up like Santa for the kids. The oldest sounding adult voice in the cast. Amiable and warm.

ANNETTE CROSBY – Female, Chuck’s wife and the coordinator of the food distribution bank run out of the old Roundhouse. Warm. Sincere. Kind. Loving towards her husband and helps run things alongside him. The voice of wisdom for the girls.

RAY SYKES – Male, a comic foil for just about every other clear-thinking adult, Ray shows up as a protester to fight for the trendiest causes (often without knowing what they are). Goofy and comedic but should not sound stupid. Interested in stirring things up. Eccentric. A fool.

APRIL MARTIN – Female, local radio personality on Steam 102 FM. She is much more professional and takes things more seriously than her radio counterpart. Character is based on April from KOA. Friendly, pleasant, authentic. Has integrity. Is a natural during her interviews and engages her audience well. A good storyteller and enjoyable to listen to.

ART JAMESON – Male, local radio personality on Steam 102 FM – who tries very hard to be funny and smart – without much success. “The Comic.” The other half of the radio duo. Should be somewhat kid-like. Thinks he can improv well but says a lot of nothing and digs himself into a hole every time he talks.

DETECTIVE DONNA HALL – Female, Dante’s mother and a detective with the Hope Springs Police. Strong, bold, commands a room. Intimidates some of the kids, but they’re very drawn to her detective work. Good detective and good mom. Has maturity and authority. Everyone respects her.

PROFESSOR MARK SHEED – Male, a local history expert who teaches at various colleges in Colorado. Has a calming and gentle presence. Thoughtful, intelligent, and intentional.

PROFESSOR DON DRIBBLE (pronounced “Drib-BLAY” – or so he says) – Male, a local teacher who specializes in archaeology and history. More eccentric, quirky, and animated than Sheed.

MRS. NELLIE CONNER (middle-aged, 40s-50s) – Female, the HOA “enforcer” in Dribble’s neighborhood. An overbearing librarian type. Aggressive. Older. On the comedic side but not irritating. Lives and breathes the rules.

WENDELL BURTON – Male, a mountain man. Generic 1900s mountain man sound. Friendly but a bit on the crusty side. Folksy. Light-hearted sense of humor despite his injury.

THE OFFICERS (your typical small-town officers. Kind and caring, good at their jobs, love their community!):

OFFICER DAVIDSON – Male, Calls himself “burly and handsome.” Reliable. A man of faith. Friendly, but means business.




DENVER OFFICER – Male or Female


PILFER – Male, a petty thief. A bad guy. Greedy. Manipulative. Cunning. Impatient. Snarky/cynical sense of humor.

LANGFORD – Male, part of Pilfer’s gang. A very large man. Intimidating. Big body-guard type.

BRADY – Male, part of Pilfer’s gang. Your typical comedic villain sidekick. Not as good at his job as he says he is.

TAGGART – Male, part of Pilfer’s gang. Your typical comedic villain sidekick. Not as good at his job as he says he is.

DEBBIE DRIBBLE – Female, Professor Dribble’s wife. Smart and Resourceful. Was in the navy. Quick-witted, sharp, brave.

SHERIDAN MICHAELS (60 +) – Male, Retired and new in town. Catholic. Seems kind and generous with his time. There’s an air of mystery around why he’s in Hope Springs and who he really is. Wise, simple, caring, quiet, hard worker. Also has an older sounding adult voice like Deacon Chuck.

Recording Dates: TBD – LATE SUMMER 2023

Union Status: NON-UNION

Rate of Pay: ranges between $300 – $700/day depending on size of role

Recording Location: Denver, CO



·      Please prepare one of the following sides for the role you would like to be considered for: Hope Springs Sides for Auditions

·      Record yourself performing the side via an audio recording.


1)    FILL OUT THE AUDITION FORM – Please answer a few brief questions here: Hope Springs Audition Form

2)    SUBMIT YOUR MATERIALS – Please submit a current headshot, resume, & your audition recording here: Hope Springs Audition File Request Folder (This link is also found at the end of the audition form. It’s the same link)

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·      Make sure the name you put in the audition form matches the name on each of your files!

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The Augustine Institute Studios is a team of creative storytellers who craft captivating cinematic experiences to reach hearts and minds with the light and beauty of Jesus Christ. While we are a Catholic organization, actors from all religious backgrounds or no religious background are encouraged to audition. Actors of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as performers with disabilities are also encouraged to audition.  

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