Intermediate & Advanced Acting Classes at The Morse Actors Studio

Acting II – Comedic Monologues For Intermediate & Advanced Actors

How does one perform a comedic piece without trying so hard to be funny?

How can you read your audience before you see them to know how things will land?

In this class, we will teach Intermediate and Advanced Stage Actors how to break down Comedic Monologues. Find how to be funny without being offensive. Be funny without trying too hard. In this class, students will work on a monologue of their choice and one selected for them by the instructor. You will be sent a Monologue Wish List and the instructor will contact you directly to share with you for your approval.

Begins Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ends Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursdays on Zoom from 6-8:30 pm (w/a break) through September 23, 2021

Cost: $300

To Register: