Governor Announces that Venues may start reopening June 2020 (with restrictions)

Here are the latest guidelines (as of June 28th, 2020) for indoor events as set forth by Colorado officials. This DOES include entertainment venues such as live theatre.



  • Performances must be a min. of 25 feet distance from patrons.
  • Participants (e.g., players, performers, actors, competitors, entertainers, etc.) in events should have their symptoms checked, and participants who have been in close contact with an exposed or symptomatic person (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) should not participate and should self-quarantine.
  • Adopt seating and spacing modifications to increase physical distance from a performer.
  • Where necessary, install barriers to minimize travel of aerosolized particles from performers, or implement alternative placement of performers.
  • Maximize physical spacing between performers on-stage.
  • Performers should use a separate entrance/exit than patrons where possible.
  • Performers are not included in capacity limits so long as they do not join the spectator/patron areas at any time. If performers join the patron spaces, they must be included in the capacity limit numbers.
  • Disinfect high-touch areas and equipment such as: microphones, instruments, props, etc… between uses.


  • Residential summer camps may open with groups of 10 kids indoors, 25 kids outdoors, similar to day camps. We encourage camps to divide campers into groups and limit contact between those groups in order to limit potential COVID-19 spread and make contact tracing easier.
  • Indoor events (conferences, receptions, museums) can begin to open — these vary based on the size of the venue:
    • Regular sized rooms under 5,650 square feet may open up to 25% capacity or 50 people per room for rooms, whichever is fewer.
      • We didn’t pull these numbers out of thin air — they’re designed to maintain the CDC-recommended 6 feet of separation.
      • But we recognize that some venues really are substantially larger. We have heard the frustration that in very large venues, the ability to even have a few more people can make a difference.
  • In large rooms, where you could have an even bigger radius — a 6ft radius, around each person — rooms over 5,650 square feet may open to 25% capacity or up to 75 people per room, whichever is fewer.
  • In rooms double that size — extra large rooms with over 11,300 square feet — may open to 25% capacity, or up to 100 people per room, whichever is fewer.
  • Governor Polis is happy to say that these large and extra large venue distinctions will also apply to restaurants, houses of worship, life rights, and higher education — which are activities that are quite similar in nature.
  • Outdoor events (concerts, fairs, rodeos, receptions) can also begin to open:
    • Standard venues under 5,650 square feet may open up to 50% capacity or up to 50 people;
    • Extra large venues, over 11,300 square feet can open up to 50% capacity or up to 175 people.
    • Large venues over 5,650 square feet may open up to 50% capacity or up to 125 people;
  • Bars will be able to open at 25% or up to 50 people indoors, but must follow the same guidelines as restaurants where parties are seating, limited in size, and things like games that encourage mingling are not allowed. Outdoors parties must be spaced 6ft apart, up to local capacity limits.

Updated post 6-28-2020