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Haunting of Your House: A Practical Guide for How to Survive After You’ve Died

October 13 @ 7:00 pm

“The Haunting of Your House: A Practical Guide for How to Survive After You’ve Died” Possesses Denver this Halloween!

Audacious Immersive invites you to decide what life after death means to you.

The newly deceased have much to learn — even with eternity ahead of them. In October the veil grows thin, offering ghosts the perfect opportunity to cross over…

And Audacious Immersive is ready to greet them on the other side with a spectacularly ethereal immersive experience called “The Haunting of Your House: A Practical Guide for How to Survive After You’ve Died.”

Ghosts who join in this postmortem adventure will have the time of their afterlives as they undertake five curated lessons which cover crucial haunting skills such as possession, communication with the living, apparition, and ectoplasm creation! Psychopomps guide their haunters-in-training through the crack between death and the afterlife as each soul discovers who they were, how they died, and what sort of unfinished business they have.

“The Haunting of Your House” is Audacious Theatre’s eighth original Halloween experience. It’s helmed by writer/director Ren Manley, who also wrote and directed the company’s sold-out run of “Murder at the Drive-In.” This year, the Audacious Collaborative has created an altered reality teeming with multi-sensory activities that evoke modern and classic tropes about death, the afterlife, and what it means to accept the inevitable end.

“The Haunting of Your House” will take place at First Baptist Church of Denver at 1373 Grant St. Denver, CO 80203 from Oct. 13 to Oct. 29, 2023. Preview nights will run at a discounted price. Early bird tickets start at $25 and space is limited. For tickets and more information, visit www.audacioustheatre.com.

Immersive/Accessibility Notes: Audience members are encouraged to interact directly with performers throughout the performance, with very light physical contact. Experience runs approximately 1.5 hours. There will be opportunities to get refreshments and use restrooms prior to each tour’s departure. Audiences follow a guide through several rooms within the venue. Some seating is available in each room. Wheelchair accessible. Contact Audacious directly to request wheelchair accommodation.

Content Warning: There will be themes of death and dying, light horror elements, and some slime. Mood sounds and lighting, fog, loud noises, and other special effects may be utilised. Family friendly for ages 12 and up.