CTG Board Announces Its Support of “Americans for the Arts” for Significant Governmental Assistance

As leading advocates for theatre arts in Colorado, the Board of Directors of the Colorado Theatre Guild wants its members to support initiatives that they believe will strengthen their collective ability to leverage change in the field. In an effort to galvanize these efforts at this pivotal time, they offer the first of many “call to action” requests.

CTG is urging all CTG members and all members of the Colorado Theatre Community to support the CTG Board in its endorsement of the latest comprehensive effort by Americans for the Arts for significant government assistance for arts and artists affected by COVID-19. If that is all you need to know – CLICK HERE, to read and support the proposal.

The proposal was created and compiled by the leading arts advocacy organization in the U.S., Americans for the Arts. It offers a comprehensive statement of support for the devastated arts sector, along with 15 specific actions for the next Administration to both assist creatives as well as harness their unique skill set. Over 725 organizations and individuals have endorsed the proposal.

CTG supports these efforts to strengthen, relieve and empower the creative sector.