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Auditions & job postings are open to the public. You do not need to be a member of the Guild to use the jobs board or submit a listing. Use the provided filters to narrow your search – check the filter boxes you want to search for, and uncheck those that don’t apply to your search.

Audition Terms
8-bar, 16-bar, or 32-bar cut: requirements for limiting your audition song to a specific number of measures
A cappella: singing a song with just voice, no instruments or accompanist
Book: your binder of audition repertoire, which should be brought into the audition room in case they ask for additional material
Sheet music: full piano accompaniment, with voice and lyrics included
Contemporary repertoire: music written after 1970
Classical/traditional repertoire: music written before 1970
Classical ballad: A slow song from an older musical
Classical uptempo: A fast song from an older musical
Contemporary ballad: A slow song from a modern musical
Contemporary uptempo: A fast song from a modern musical
Accompanist: a piano player hired (usually provided by the theater) to accompany you with your sheet music
Callback: an additional audition after the first… sometimes you’ll be called back several times
Cold reading: part of an audition in which you’re given very short notice to read from a script, either as a monologue or with a scene partner (may be given to you on the spot)
Dance call: a dance audition
Headshot: a professional picture of yourself printed on quality photo paper, usually 8 x 10, in either color or black and white
Resume: your performance experience including other experience that may be applicable
Monitor: a person who helps run the audition process (signing people up, calling names, etc…)
Open call: an open audition, meaning both non-union and union members can attend
Sight reading: part of an audition in which you must read music on the spot, without seeing it or practicing it before.
Monologue: a solo acting speech
Non-Union: a person who doesn’t have a membership or an invitation to the Actors’ Equity Union
Union: a person belonging to and being a paid member of the Actors’ Equity Union
EMC: stands for Equity Membership Candidate, meaning you have acquired enough points at equity theaters to be considered for membership in the Actors’ Equity Union
Actors’ Equity: the official union for professional actors

Colorado Theatre Guild TERMS OF USE

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2023 Unified Auditions

We’ve put together everything you need to know about the 2023 Unified Auditions on its own website: unifieds.coloradotheatreguild.org.